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House Cleaning Chicago

North Suburbs

Keep your home clean with the help of your local cleaning service,

Kulas Maids Inc. We offer residential and commercial

cleaning in Chicago’s North Suburbs. Kulas Maids offers

 quality cleaning and guarantees 100% 

customer satisfaction.

Best House Cleaning

Chicago North Suburbs

If you are looking for a cleaning service in the North Suburbs,

Kulas Maids Inc. is your best house cleaning option.

We have been serving Chicago’s North Suburbs since 

1983 and are a fully insured and bonded company.

Maid Service Chicago

North Suburbs

Kulas Maids Inc. is a crew maid service.

Crews of 4 highly professional maids clean

at a competitive price within a reasonable time frame.

If you would like a maid service, call the office

to make an appointment for a free estimate 847-559-0966. 

We're fully insured and fully bonded.