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Chicago Cleaning Service

Kulas Maids Inc. is a family owned and operated business and our

company’s goal is to ensure customer satisfaction. Because we have

been in business for almost 30 years, you can trust our cleaning

service to clean your Chicago home. Kulas Maids offers trained maids,

vacuums equipped with HEPA filters, and green cleaning products. It’s

no surprise that Chicago residents choose Kulas Maids Inc. as their

cleaning service!

Chicago House Cleaning

Does your busy schedule keep you from cleaning your home? Kulas

Maids Inc. is the finest house cleaning service in Chicago, Illinois.

Because we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee, if you are ever

unhappy with the results of your house cleaning, we will return the

next day to reclean the area free of charge. Kulas Maids Inc. has a

primary goal of serving its customers the best house cleaning service

in Chicago.

Chicago Maid Service

Kulas Maids Inc. uniquely serves its clientele by sending a maid

service of 4 trained maids to your Chicago home. Because of this,

Kulas Maids can assure you that our maid service in Chicago will

clean your home quickly and efficiently. For more information about

the services we offer, please click on the ‘Services’ tab or go to our

home page to watch our new video. 

We're fully insured and fully bonded.